The Prostitute

Seven minutes after he left the hotel, Zadie knew only thing for certain; that maybe love was not supposed to be forever. She leapt from the double-sized bed and walked openly to the door of the triple room to make sure it was shut tightly. She reached for her hair with both hands and strutted straight for the mirror. She twisted and twisted and twisted and turned like a magician with balloons. Upon arrival, Zadie looked right at her reflection, everything seemed fine, the equation was balanced, the fraction was proper, the hangover princess now looked like a king.
Zadie slides over to the mini fridge and grabs two frozen buckets of salted caramel ice cream and several chocolate bars. She unplugs her phone from the electrical outlet at the head of the bed. She switches it on only to realise that the cock had already crowed and stopped. Suddenly, Zadie sees flashes of her dreams from last night. She remembered seeing her name in a trash bin. As she tried to unearth the significance, she heard four consecutive knocks on the door. Jack was back. He walks in swiftly and places the food quickly next to the melting cream. Jack grabs a chair from the side of the room and starts to eat.
Zadie straps up. She walks three floors up to a different room of the hotel. She swipes the door open only to find him sitting on the floor with his legs crossed as usual. His little hands rummaging through several notes as he jots down figures like the managing partner of every startup company.
“Welcome home sis” said Mark without even looking back at the door.
Mark was thirteen. Zadie was older. She takes him everywhere. She was the money, he was the purse.
“Look what I found” Zadie teased as she brings out a series of items from her black leather bag. Mark leapt off the floor as he perceived the memorable whiff of frozen ice cream. He sat next to Zadie on the single-sized bed perpendicular to the window of the twin room.
“Sis, why can’t you find love?” asked Mark as he flings open the lid of the caramel  bucket like a creamy frisbee.
“Like real love” Mark continued
Zadie looks down at her little brother who was already halfway through his delicious dessert. “How could someone so small be so cute?” She wondered.
“For a man it’s easier to find love, for a woman it’s difficult” Zadie began
“Why is it difficult?” Mark pressed on
“Because women are normally tricked” Zadie replied
Mark simply nodded his head in agreement as he scraped the walls of the bucket for sugar. He knew when to stop prying.
“Besides I’m looking for a salted caramel” Zadie Joked as she lays back on the bed while staring at the ceiling. She could still hear Mark scraping and scraping and so she sat back up to reach for the second bucket she hid away for herself.   
“Here! Take this!” she said as she handed him his second caramel.
Mark takes the ice cream and hands her the empty cup. Zadie gets up and throws  it into the bin. She was about to return to to the bed when she notices some strange markings inside the ice cream bucket. She picks it up and takes a closer look. Inside the salted caramel cup was her name and her phone number.
She turns around and immediately pointed the cup towards her little brother.
“You were not supposed to see that?” said Mark as he finally looks up at her direction.
“What am I looking at?” asked zadie
Mark slowly resumed his lunch. He takes another spoon of his second ice cream as he softly replied,
“This way when the cup is recycled, love will find you instead”
Zadie threw the cup back into the trash. She took a black bag and emptied the trash into it. Then, she ran downstairs to Jack, she paid him to leave and threw the bag into a dumpster. She ran back upstairs panting. She opened the door, sat on the floor next to Mark and started laughing. 
Mark could not stop laughing either.


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