My Briefcase

Hey! I am back! At the very least I’m on my way.

I left to work on a project. It’s over now.  I can’t wait to show you. While I’ve been away. I went on my fourth date. I created a blame game and I found love. Phew! Three months went by fast. I have so much to tell you. I am coming back with a fierce perspective; a different perspective.

Oh yeah! I brought gifts. Here are excerpts for new upcoming stories. Powerful stuff! The first poster is out on our Instagram page. Watch me speak in my YouTube channel. I missed you. Enjoy. See you soon

1. Untitled Story (Exclusive) (May 16)

2. War at home (June ##)

3. The London Love Letter  (July ##)


The London Love Letter 💌 (Excerpt)

In highschool I wrote love letters. I still do. Most of them were rejected, others never dispatched. I wrote one yesterday and I gave it to her and she accepted.


War at Home 🏠 (Excerpt)

Names have power. I call you a wife and you are nothing else. Just like that. 





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