The Fourth date

An Ice cream parlour, a coffee shop, the cinema, we were on dates long before we realised. It felt seamless. It had no definition. At least that’s what I thought.

I walked Cheryl home for the fourth time but this time was different. The hug she gave me lasted longer than usual. It had to mean something right? Please tell me I’m wrong. The look on her face after the hug was exactly the same as last times; smiles with a blush of sadness. I could not interpret. How could I be certain? How could I not?

“Today was really fun” She said

Meanwhile, I stood there with a broken smile still pondering. My date was clearly flustered but I wasn’t sure why. The picnic was really nice but the poem I wrote for her was clearly rushed and incomplete.

“You’re welcome” I replied

“I had fun too”

I was about to say goodbye when my phone started to ring. There are twenty four hours in a day and my mother chose to call me at this moment. Obviously, ignoring the call wasn’t an option and ending it wasn’t either and so I answered. If there was a record for shortest phone call, I would have easily taken the golden plaque home.

Unfortunately, Cheryl was bored. Apparently, answering the call was a mistake. The moment had passed. She said goodnight and I said goodbye.

Moments later, I was on a bus soliloquising and heading for home.


“The hug had to mean something right?”

I jumped off at the next bus stop and I called Cheryl. Luckily she answered.

“Hey, I forgot something”

I found myself heading back to her house. Upon arrival, she’d changed into her pyjamas. She invited me in. I’d been there twice before but this time, her room was dim.

Cheryl searched her room for a while and then she stopped. She turned directly to me.

“You didn’t forget anything, did you?”

Suddenly, noises kept quiet. Lips stopped moving. All I could hear was my heart beating rapidly.

“I forgot this…”

I went in for a kiss and she moved..two slow steps to the left . I have never felt such instant humiliation before. I suddenly felt chills all over my body and my goosebumps were too embarrassed to show up.

I managed to look up at Cheryl’s face and I saw the saddest look ever. She was also embarrassed for me. I quietly opened her room door and stepped outside. I slowly closed the door behind me. Then, I ran home faster than an ostrich in a street race.

To be continued…






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