A September to remember ::::: {Meet the Author}

A September to remember ::::: {Meet the Author}

It's my birthday..... The End..... Just Kidding.

There comes a time in life where you ask yourself, Which I is I?

I am at that crossroads today,

Do I go left or the other left?

It’s my birthday today,

So meet the Author in me,


FullSizeRender j
Hi, I’m Martini


For weeks, I have been planning,

Planning and planning a party indeed,

It must be perfect,

Two decades on this earth,

It should be worth it,


FullSizeRender h
It must be Epic


From my stories, you can tell I’m typically quiet,

From my stories, you can feel, I’m selectively shy,

But today, I say thank you to my many  subscribers,

Thank you for reading my writings,

Thank you for listening to my truth, 


Hi, I’m Zurich


So rejoice, celebrate, pop a drink on my behalf,

Dance, eat, don’t forget to say hi,

I wish a great day to you all,

Happy birthday to me,

The End…


FullSizeRender u
Drawings on a Wall


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