We May Still Be Babies

Babies are cute and sometimes, they understand things but they don’t really know how to do them. 

After closely watching my baby nephew while he plays and does random things, I have seen that there could be more to growing up. Little as he is, he manages to eat by himself but makes a little mess. Just one day, when we were both eating cereal, he dropped a large spoon of cereal on the floor. I looked at him, I smiled and said:

“You are just a baby!”

Few minutes later, my large spoon of cereal fell down on the ground.

Sometimes, we find things hard to do just like babies. A new language seems difficult to understand at first. We struggle in strange situations. The uneasiness to go against our wish when we have been instructed to. Think about it; the comparisons are many.

So are we really adults or just big and more developed babies?





  1. I think we’re all just babies on the inside. We never really grow up just a couple of developments and multiplied cells. When it comes down to it we’re all just babies

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