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  1. Thank you very much. That means so much to me. I’m putting all my efforts into it but I need more awareness. I’m at crossroads at the moment, if I don’t get the awareness, I’ll quit wordpress.


  2. Cool post! I agree no one can understand someone really unless they were in their shoes! Btw: I like the show riverdale soo much! Full of mystery & drama… plus it had one of my favorite twins from suite life of zack & Cody… Cole Sprouts! I like how you designed your blogs & pictures! Haven’t Gotten to read everything yet though . I’ll follow though. Feel free to check out blogs haha

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  3. Unique posts I have to say. Totally different. I will take inspiration form you as our page https://nopurposeclub.wordpress.com/ also has no specific niche. We all are writing whatever we want to share, from sports to entertainment, science, technology, thoughts, books, travel etc.


  4. I had to take time understanding what you were trying to say in the post. haha
    But, I have to agree that our experiences are different but they can be helpful to other people when shared. That’s what blogging does.

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